Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great time of year

Was savin' this post for tomorrow...since Heidi will be officially 31 weeks...but I just couldn't help myself...after all, my previous post this morning didn't have photos...and for that, I felt guilty.

I am LOVING this time of year. Colors. SO many colors. Gotta be one of my favorite months of the year. But there is also something else to enjoy....31 weeks of carrying a little baby! So cool. It sure feels like an undeserved blessing and a mysterious opportunity.

Here are some pics to celebrate the day and wife...

This is the tree outside of our bedroom window

the sidewalk we pass through, most mornings, on our way to the coffee shop

The pumpkin that was grown in our front yard

The one and only, Heidi White, at 31 weeks! Yay :)


tovsrudclan said...

We are so excited for you guys! Although it's been over 11 years since we were pregnant for the first time, it seems like yesterday. I remember holding Kaden after I had him, just looking at how perfect he was and wondering how in the world people could deny that we have a Creator after experiencing the wonderful miracle of birth. So amazing! We are praying for you!! Enjoy these last few weeks together before the baby comes! Love you guys! said...

Thanks for the good word guys!

Love you!

j and h

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