Thursday, June 7, 2012

Putting it all together

Sometimes, you need to remember a week as a package of highlights and not simply many individual events all strung together.  So...let's put it all together!

Date nights have always been a huge source of joy for us.  A 50km bike ride always seems to do the trick: conversation, wind in the face, exercise....GOOD times.

A few runs a week are also a necessity.  There is something about running that works the body and at the same time, "clears the mind".  Very few people get done with a run (short or long) and say, "boy, I wish I wouldn't have done that."

Books are a big part of our week. 

and Elizabeth get's into it too (except she has no idea what she is she just makes up stuff)

We live a block from the EVERY DAY....we go there, rain or shine.  Someone once asked us, "why do you go every day?...especially when it's raining".  The answer:  because one day, we may not live by the beach...and we are going to KICK OURSELVES for not taking advantage of it while we were so close.

Another highlight of our watching our kids grow up.  Seriously...this happens fast (I know that statement doesn't make any sense to you if you've never had kids...but trust me, all that stuff people say about, "before you know it they're gone" true). 

nighttime routines....

....messages sent to daddy's iphone during the day...

...and some time spent with the great grandparents are what make a week special. 

Weeks have highlights.
So put them together...
and they won't just brighten your day...
they'll brighten your week.

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