Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Lesson in Contentment

The picture is terrible….but the metaphor wasn't.

As I took a moment and watched the sheep graze on the edge of our city, Fresno…. I noticed how little they looked up.  Their contentment surprised me. A picture in my mind began to emerge.  I saw myself, a sheep, eating and unworried.  I noticed myself beginning to pray…."Jesus, these your sheep don't worry about anything.  But I worry about everything.  Lord, these sheep don't question the care of their shepherd because they see his grace in ever blade of grass abundantly provided.  But I question Your provision (stupid, I know, Lord) and some days feel blind to the daily bread you're providing."

God, keep teaching me how to be your sheep…..content and unworried under the care of my Shepherd.

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