Friday, April 10, 2015

An update: What's been going on with the White Family?

We are feeling more settled into our new life here in Fresno, California.  That's good. "Unsettled" feels like wearing clothes that don't fit.  We don't like that feeling.  We are still searching for our normal rhythms…especially for making time to play in the mountains, but that will come.   

Our kids are doing so well.  For those of you that read our blog that pray for our family….thank you!  We have been so thankful for the ways that they've discovered friendships, bonded together, and joined us in our life of ministry in the neighborhood.

Speaking of ministry…. it's been incredible (sign up for our newsletter at for stories and updates).  God could have sent us anywhere and he knew we would have said yes.  But he sent us to a place where we get to play on the same team as guys like this (seen below).  My dad has for decades been on the cutting edge of ministry in Fresno.  It feels like such a privilege to have been called to join the team of Jesus focused missional radicals seeking the shalom of Fresno.   

It's also been nice to find our rhythm of extended rest.  Once a month, instead of working six days and resting one, we rest two days.  This last month we went to the central coast to drink in some cool breeze and California sun.  

It's also been fun to preach here in Fresno.  Preaching the whole gospel is what I feel called to do, in fact, something I feel I have to do.  Jesus continues to encourage me by giving me opportunities to speak for Him across Fresno.    

It's also been fun to engage in our neighborhood.  Here I was able to talk about Jesus with a group of neighbours who gathered to celebrate Easter together.

…and yes, we still climb.  We currently have sinus infections and ear infections so we are totally out of commission….but you'll start seeing outdoor pictures soon :)  

Thanks for following our lives….sorry it's been a few weeks since we last updated our blog.  We will do better from here on out!

These are good days.

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