Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hiking a day a week

For some time now, our family has made it a practise to head to the mountains at least a day a week.  It's been an important value to foster the heart of adventure and a love for creation in our kids.  Some lessons just can't be learned in the city.  

Fresno actually has great hiking within 30 minutes of where we live.  In's all about the season.  Hiking is MISERABLE 4 months of the year due to the heat....but for the rest of the can be amazing.

We love finding new trails to explore.  This trail ascends 500 feet in .6 miles and is nearly 2 miles long.  Noah (2 years old) did the entire thing!  

Joel didn't do anything.  He just sat there. Lazy bum.

Heidi spent her time on our hike doing "repeats" on this trail.  Repeats are when you run from the bottom of a hill to the top of the hill, descend, and then do it again....over and over.

These are good days!

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