Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sometimes we miss home

We think about our friends in Vancouver, BC every day.  Having moved to California was one of the hardest things we ever had to do as a family.  We say,"had" because Jesus asked to to "drop our net" and follow Him... but it meant loosing everything we loved: our friends and our church.  We are still not "over it".  Will we ever be?  We don't want to be...."over it."

God has richly blessed us in Fresno -- an amazing growing Church with an incredible vision, new friends, family, new many more new.great.things.

But none of these replace the old...the tried, the tested, the true.

I think in life...God gives you only a few forever friends.  Do you agree?  You can never really move past your forever friends.  They are somehow with you where ever you live in the world. 

We are learning how to look back and look forward and see it all as gifts from God.

These are good days
and Ahead

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