Monday, January 9, 2017

Teaching our kids to deal with disappointment

What's your strategy for dealing with disappointment?

We have often observed that our tendency is to mix an emotional cocktail of pouting & low energy & filling that void with something stupid (the mindless use of the Internet). Sound familiar?

This morning, 2 of our kids woke up disappointed.  They had pink-eye.

In our these kids' parents....we truly believe that it's a crime to waste a good crisis. 

We want to teach them to deal with disappointments (of which there will be MANY).....God's way.  The truth is, we'll never learn to be brave until we learn resilience in the face of our disappointments.

This morning we took the kids to the river....threw rocks....played in the rain....did kid stuff.  No pouting, no low energy, no stupid Internet allowed.  

They loved it...and so did we.
....our tenacious commitment to resiliency.

These are good days.

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